Vacuum Air Facial Massage

60 minutes


Affordable, Long lasting results

Vacuum facial gives you a relaxing, deep, comfortable massage while increasing circulation, collagen synthesis, and exfoliation of the skin. Through the suction produced by the vacuum appliance the toxins stores in the cells are transported to the lymph system and disposed of. After the vacuum session the skin feels fresh and can breathe again. A slight redness may appear.

• Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
• Reduces non-medical swelling and puffiness
• Softened fatty deposits, tones the skin and lifts the facial muscles
• Removes waste products and sloughing off dead skin
• Improves appearance of skin and reduces fine lines

Vacuum Facial includes cleanse, exfoliation, tone, steam, vacuum suction and mask.

What to Expect from your Facial

Your facial session starts with a thin application of Enzime Peel. Then we will start light face and neck massage, your facial vaccum treatment begins in the end of massage I will put customized facial mask just for your skin needs. It is best to arrive for your treatment with long hair tied back and a clean face. Please drink an ample amount of water before and after each treatment.

Lines and wrinkles will plump and any scar tissue will soften. The drainage of stagnant fluids from reservoir areas will reduce edema and chronic puffiness. The muscles of the face benefit greatly from the reduction of tension and tightness, releasing expression lines and loosening rigid muscle tissue. Facial cupping can provide significant therapeutic results for symptoms related to sinus infections, inflammation, edema.

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