Jet Peel Customized Facial

“Ideal for ; aging , sun-damaged skin. dry/dehydrated, uneven skin tone”

A jet peel facial is a non-invasive procedure that’s often used to combat signs of aging, dry skin, and sensitive and dehydrated skin . During treatment, pressurized streams of air penetrate into the deep layer of your skin called the dermis to deliver cleansers and serums.

60 minutes


What Is A Jet Peel Infusion Facial?

  • Touch free, needle free & pain free.
  • A fine, misty jetstream delivers serums & nutrients 4.5mm into the skin.
  • Effectively treats  fine lines, wrinkles & crepey skin.

How Does It Work?

The outer layer of your skin is referred to as your epidermis and the deeper layer is the dermis. Your dermis is made up primarily of collagen and provides your skin with structure and elasticity. Loss of collagen is one factor that causes your skin to age.

Jet peels use a highly pressurized jet of oxygen to penetrate your dermis and infuse it with cleansers, nutrients, and serums.

  • Cleansing-During the procedure, your provider will clean your skin using a mixture of pressurized oxygen and saline water using a wand.
  • Lymphatic Drainage– A pressurized massage using specially-formulated detoxifying water, deep cleans and purifies your skin, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation to eliminate toxins .
  • Exfoliation–Jet Peel with Vitamic C enzyme peel  gently removes natural skin debris and dead skin cells. It oxygenates the tissue and stimulates microcirculation, preparing skin to receive nutrients during the infusion step.
  • Lifting –For immediately result we will use 15 minus microcurrent  face lift wands which will  stimulate and tone deeply within the muscles to lift the entire face.
  • Infusion–  A custom blend of bioactive nutrients, vitamins and even medical grade PRP are infused deep into the dermis via a touch free handpiece. Depending on the needs of the skin, the formulas may include Hyaluronic Acid, Bio-Peptides, Vitamin A+E, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C. All are  essential to the elasticity, radiance and overall health of the skin.

There’s no downtime after a JetPeel Facial , and you should see a healthier glow in just one day.

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