The Ultimate Noninvasive Sculpt Face Lift

60 minutes


With Peptide Mask

90 minutes


Reverse the signs of aging & energize the skin. Our technologies deliver instant results that you can see and feel right after treatment. You will notice improved skin tone, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, contouring cheek and jaw areas, leaving a sculpted, youthful look and deep hydration.


When it comes to the face and jaw line, the ancient practice of cupping reduces puffiness, eliminates stagnant fluids, stimulates blood flow, and promotes collagen. The dermal filter system is made up of products going in and out. It’s where stagnation develops due to build-up and congestion around the cells. Cupping is unique in its ability to clear the build-up through ancient techniques with modern technology. Toxins that can block the filter system lead to congestion and stagnation. The cupping effect causes the movement of the lymph fluid which helps to relieve the blockages and congestion.


Our currents work on a cellular level to help stimulate collagen and elastin production; minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin smooth, hydrated and glowing.
Clinical studies have shown that with Microcurrent treatments, collagen and elastin production increases and blood circulation improves. Scientists also found that Microcurrent sessions trigger the body’s production of amino acids and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). These accelerate cell repair and promote healthier cell production leading to youthful skin.


Our unique EMS wands are used to physically manipulate the muscle into the desired position and perform muscle re-education. EMS treatment allows the muscles the necessary energy to keep their tension in this new contour.


Instead of applying serums topically for the epidermal layer, high concentrations of peptides and anti-oxidants can be infused into the deeper layers of the skin using microcurrent technology. This will increase stimulation of collagen production and thickening of the dermis (the skin’s foundation) leading to visible skin tightening, firming, and renewal.


Circadias™ famous firming and tightening mask combines some of the latest technology in anti-ageing peptide, antioxidant and dermal regeneration science, resulting in micro circulation, detoxification and instant firming, lifting and tightening. It is a multi functional treatment designed to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out and reduce the impacts of glycation. The tightening of the mask creates a compression on the skin increasing surface blood flow into the dermal tissue. During this process it delivers oxygen to the cells, cellular respiration occurs, this is the process through which cells convert sugar into ATP (energy). The more energy our cells have the happier they are to go about cellular functions, hence it is excellent for sluggish dull skins.

Due to the transient pressure a pulsation in the neck can be felt, vasodilation occurs creating a vascular appearance on the skin. This vascular appearance can be seen once the mask is removed and lasts for a short time. This is called a plasmatic effect and helps indicate how healthy the skins function is.

A more detailed look into the peptide masks sees oxygen being carried to the fibroblasts enhancing collagen, elastin, fibronectin and laminin-5 production. This collagen and elastin producing response has a long term effect on the skin and one of the reasons we use it as a staple mask for anti-aging treatments. Additionally it helps return carbon dioxide and rid the skin of cellular waste and toxins, creating an increase in lymphatic drainage.

As the masks sits it will tighten over the 30 minute setting period, there is nothing to be concerned about and if you feel uncomfortable it is very easily “cracked” with a slightly move of the face.

This mask is a staple in everyone’s skin routine, it targets and improves all conditions creating for a healthier more vibrant skin. Our big gym facial and sweat sash include peptide masks, named after the blood pumping workout your skin will receive!

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