Gua Sha Facial Massage

Gua Sha has the power to transform your skin from the inside out. This ancient Chinese beauty secret utilizes a specially designed tool (usually made from jade stone or quartz) to gently reawaken your skin’s own miraculous ability to heal itself. The jade tool assists in unblocking stagnant qi (vital energy) and redirecting energy flow. Gua sha is a holistic non-invasive way to bring youth and vitality back into your skin.

60 minutes


Benefits of a Gua Sha Facial:
• Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage
• Detoxifies skin
• Reduces puffiness and dark circles under eyes
• Releases tension in the jaw
• Sculpts facial features and tones skin
• Boosts collagen
• Combats hyper-pigmentation
• Assists in decongesting sinuses

A daily ritual of gua sha has shown to improve microcirculation by up to 400%. Circulation is vital to your skins health and beauty. The gua sha along with a customized selection of Chinese and/or Ayurvedic herbs and oils leaves skin with an immediate healthy glow.

The gua sha protocol stimulates meridians of youth to activate the body’s self-healing powers to repair aging and remove certain toxins that cause aging.

Although you will likely see immediate results with one gua sha treatment, a series of treatments is recommended along with home care.We will be happy to show you simple gu sha sha techniques that you can incorporate into your nightly routine at home.

Gua Sha in the Media

We love this article from Harper’s Bazaar promoting gua sha facial sculpting as an alternative to botox.

Gua sha stems from traditional Chinese medicine. To the casual observer, it can look fairly brutal, involving vigorous scraping of the skin all over the body with an angled, blunt-edge stone. The latest incarnation of the healing treatment, however, is a much gentler form and focuses solely on the face. Using a flat rose quartz tool, or in Plug’s case, a traditional Chinese bian smooth stone, facial gua sha tones and lifts the face through gentle, upward strokes over the skin to relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage.

Plug, a licensed holistic health coach, and esthetician states in the article: “Gua sha is for women seeking solutions that take care of both body and mind—women who want an expression-smoothing alternative to the neurotoxins of Botox.”

This is done by using special jade stone tools that are used on the face and neck by pressing in specialized patterns. This is essentially a natural facelift.

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