DMAE & Silk Red Carpet

60 minutes


Many salon treatments address wrinkles and expression lines, but leave the customer’s face red and irritated. The Silk treatment can be performed before a special occasion for immediate visual effects without irritation on sensitive, seborric and even couperose skin. Gentle silk fibers and proteins sink into the skin and reinforce the natural Collagen matrix for absolutely flawless skin. After just one silk treatment, clients see an 80% reduction in the appearance of fine lines. When used together with Silk home-use products customers can experience long-term wrinkle reduction.

Silk is the ultimate skin lifting treatment for special occasion pampering:

· Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines

· Firms and lifts laxity

· Polishes away dull, lifeless skin without irritation

· Rebuilds and strengthens internal bonding mechanisms

· Rejuvenates tired skin with essential vitamins and antioxidants

· Promotes and protects healthy growth of fresh cells against oxidative stress

· Increases micro-circulation and improves Collagen and Elastin matrix

Aesthetic Benefits of DMAE
As we grow older, muscular sagging and age spots start appearing on our skin. And no one likes them. We all want to have sag-free skin, as it brings back our youthful look.
Have you noticed some brown spots on your face, arms, and the back of your hands? These spots appear as we age. They are because of the accumulated lipofuscin deposits in your body.
Now the question arises: what is lipofuscin? Lipofuscin usually appears in the bodies of older people and is a waste product of the cells. DMAE helps in flushing this product right out of your body, giving you a clearer skin.

Helps With Skin Sagging
No one wants to have wrinkles on their skin. And it is not only older people that get wrinkles. If you have a job that results in you standing the sun all day, skin wrinkles will soon be a problem for you, regardless of your age.
DMAE not only plays the role of a powerful antioxidant but is also a big help when it comes to issues such as skin sagging. With the help of DMAE, acetylcholine is created. Acetylcholine gives your skin a greater tone and also helps in tightening it.

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